In the early years of the American frontier, entire communities would come together and help their neighbors raise barns. A barn raising was very labor intensive and all community members, young and old alike, would take part in the event. By helping their neighbors, they were helping themselves.

The 2019 Four States Ag Expo is in the planning stages, and

        we need a barn-raising!

We Need You!

The Ag Expo has been in Montezuma County for 37 years, providing a forum for agricultural producers, suppliers and consumers in Colorado. In 2018, the Ag Expo brought in an estimated 10,000 visitors and had a 1+ million dollar impact on our community. This event is run almost entirely by volunteers. With nearly 2,500 volunteer hours needed, volunteer opportunities are endless!

Volunteer Today! Become one of the team!

Please email us at: volunteer@fourstatesagexpo.com

Please contact 970-529-3486

Volunteers always get special rewards.