Board Members & Meeting Schedule

Anyone with a general interest in agriculture, or the Ag Expo in particular, is welcome to attend any regular board meetings.  Meetings are held monthly

Board Meetings are held at:

Four Corners Community Bank in Cortez

Meeting Schedule (subject to change without notice):

Please just call to confirm date and time. 970-529-3486

Specific committees may meet at other times and places. Please contact us for more information.

 We proudly present our  2017 Officers and Board of Directors
Title:           Name:                         Of:                                Phone#

President          Spark Reed        Silvarado Ranch                                    970-739-1351

Vice President      Hardy Tozer                 970-749-8074

Treasurer          Cindy Clare                             970-759-1035

Secretary             Kristi Ross              970-778-0689

Members at large:

Jan Gilbert                                                        970-570-9139

Becky Bell                                                970-739-4098


Executive Director         Radiance Beals Hayes Ranches/  Four States Ag Expo                                                                                                                               970-529-3486