2019 Clinicians……

WE HAVE HAD A CLINICIAN CHANGE!!  Randy Helm has had to cancel this year. Brandi Lyons will be filling in for him. Her clinic titles will be posted soon.

Please see schedule For clinic details. Each clinician will have a total of 5 Clinics.

Larry Whitesell,

Larry has trained horses for over 30 years. He has held judges cards in several gaited breeds and has been trainer of the year in 2002. He no longer shows but has studied under some of the best classical trainers in the world, in order to understand the horse both biomechanically and emotionally. He desires to help gaited horse owners to make their horses safe, soft, and to gait without loosing relaxation. A horse that can offer gait relaxed is much safer than a horse “made” to gait.

He currently travels all over the US, Canada, South America, and Europe doing clinics.


Mustang Maddy

A lifelong equestrienne, Madison Shambaugh’s world was rocked when she encountered her first mustang in 2013. Captivated by the their heart, mind and innate freedom, “Mustang Maddy” has made it her life’s mission to raise awareness for the plight of America’s wild horses and showcase the mustang as a talented breed that’s perfect for riders of all backgrounds. As a clinician, Madison crisscrosses the country to educate horsemen and women about her “5 Golden Rules” that shape her interaction and training with horses of all kinds. Using Madison’s method, horse lovers can enjoy stronger relationships with their horses for recreation, barrel racing and liberty training.

“Most horsemen would agree that zebras—an undomesticated species—are untrainable, but that’s not true,” Madison said. “With     understanding of their nature and pushing beyond what’s     perceived to be possible, we can accomplish anything; I hope that’s a message that rings true both in and out of the horse world.”

Brandi Lyons

carries on with the most trusted name in the horse industry. Over the last 20 years, she has become admired and respected by horse owners and enthusiasts from around the country.

The Lyons’ conditioned response training methods teach people how to work with their horses using gentle training methods, earning the horses respect while creating a safe and willing partner.

“I meet each person right where they are on their journey with their horse.  We work together to become safe partners with our horses while having fun” says Brandi Lyons.  Brandi had an accident with a horse back in 2001 that changed the way she trained horses and trained the riders.  “I became afraid of horses which was such a strange feeling for me because I was literally raised on the back of a horse.  I had to overcome my fear as it was the only way I knew how to put food on the table for my children.  Because of this I developed a way to help others with their fear.”  Brandi is sought out for helping riders overcome their fear, learn to have fun and become great horseman.

Brandi’s success and popularity is based on a simple but seldom practiced philosophy her father pioneered decades ago: love and respect the riders first. Then, success with the horses comes naturally.