2018 Clinicians……
Jimmy Brown

has been around horses most of his life. He has trained horses for thirty years, but feels like just in the last ten years he has really started to learn and understand the horse. He did not grow up working under other trainers, so he is basically a self taught horseman, who as a young boy would ride every horse in the area he could find. He found like many other horsemen that the best teacher is the horse itself. Through the years he has found himself getting better results by taking the time to educate the horse instead of using force and shortcuts. His passion for horses has driven him to a life long commitment of learning and educating himself. He uses many different methods; through reading, clinic, videos, and working with horses daily. He called his Method SEFT – Safe, Educational, Fun and Time. This method focuses on horse and owner/rider relationship and working together as a team.

Jimmy’s specialties are, working with many breeds, giving clinics for gaited horses, trail riding clinics, riding lessons, training and retraining gaited horses and horsemanship training and clinics for any breed of horse.

Ted Holland

40 years as a Mounted Police Office in the states of Missouri and Colorado.

20 years in the state of Missouri as a Mounted Unit Leader.

Developed and taught the P.O.S.T certified Mounted Police Training School in both Colorado and Missouri.

Helped start, train and certify 10 mounted unites throughout the states of Colorado and Missouri.

Certified Horse Abuse Investigator through the American Humane Society.

Attended Calvary School taught by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Instructor. Certified Instructor through the National Mounted Police Training School.

Mike Major: A Man of Versatility

To be versatile is to be competent at many things; to be flexible, well-rounded, or multi- talented. Being a father, ranch hand, rodeo cowboy, businessman, cattle herder, horse showman and even a TV star, Mike Major   epitomizes the definition of “versatile.”

Born in Miles City, Mont., in 1955, Major was raised all over the state of New Mexico on various cattle ranches belonging to his father.

“I’ve been around horses my whole life,” Major said. “I broke my first colt when I was seven and have been doing it ever since.”